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recipe #123: Translation Guidelines

Interested in translating Savane?

Post a comment on task #115 first.

Howto start from scratch a translation?

Savane use gettext. So gettext() documentation should help you.

Howto update a translation?

First, never override previous translation choices until you are 100% sure that your change is best. In doubt, please send a mail to savane-dev-i18n. For instance, previous French translator decided to use the french word item to translate item and courriel to translate email. No one should change that until he demonstrates on savane-dev that he got a better translation to propose.

In doubt, always send a mail to savane-dev-i18n.

Secondly, never "correct" previous translations without first checking with aspell/ispell (or whatever dictionnary you are comfortable with) that you are right.

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