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recipe #124: SVN Usage Rules

Bugfixes and cosmetics should be made on the trunk of SVN.
Please post a bug report before starting on a bugfixes. Other developers may have clues about what seems to be a bug.

Major changes should be done on another branch and be merged soon.

Before creating a branch, always post a task, so we can easily track what it will do and how and when to merge it.

Log Messages

ChangeLog.byversion is hand-made: please keep it up to date by adding a newline for any item fixed/done.

All non trivial commits should be related to a specific item (task or bug).

ChangeLog.commit is generated by your commit messages, you should put meaningful information, unless you made changes that are too trivial to be mentioned.
Commit info when merging a branch with the HEAD must be very informative.

Always include the id of the item, for instance by ending your
log message by (bug #nnnn).

Avoiding Merge Conflicts

When active development is going on on a specific branch, avoid commits on the same part of the code; ask if it is possible to commit on the active branch. Or make a branch on the branch.

Branch/Tags Naming

At some points it's useful to tag the SVN.

To keep something easily readable, I propose the following Tag name policy:

nature of the change-YYYY.MM-info about the change

Basically, all tags that are only for development purpose should be like

Tag for release purpose should be like

When a branch is over, we add -FINISHED to its name so people will easily avoid to make commits on it by mistake.

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