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recipe #119, Source Code Managers: Uploading files in the download area

(First, you should make sure that your SSH access is set up. If you are not sure, read the recipe #102)

In the commands proposed on this page, you must replace user by your login and project by your project unix name.

There are several way to update that area. You can upload your project download area with rsync. The following command would compare the current directory with your download area and update the download area:

You can use the more simple tool scp, which behave like cp over the net. For instance, the following command would copy a file in your download area:

Last update: Sun Dec 24 07:37:40 2006
This recipe comes from Gna! User Docs






Audience and Context

   All Project Members
   Download Area

(As there is at least one of the Audience/Feature/Action context information not set, this recipe will not show up in related recipes links)

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