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recipe #115, Source Code Managers: Uploading my sourcecode into the repository

(First, you should make sure that your SSH access is set up. If you are not sure, read the recipe #102)

You also need to enable Subversion support for your project on your Administration > Main > Active Features page. Note that once you enable, the repository is only created at the next cron job.

Move into the local directory where you want to keep your local copy of the SVN repository. For example:

Do a checkout of your main module: the command you must type is describe in your project SVN page, in the par "Project Member SVN Access via SSH". It should be something like

Replace login and project with the appropriate information (your login is your gna login). You'll have to accept the ssh publickey of on your first connection.

Then, copy files you want to add in you repository in the newly created project directory (/opt/project) and do:

Whenever you make a change and want to send it to the server, run:

If you want to grab fellow developers changes, run:

On your project's Subversion page you will see links to viewcvs for svn, which lets you browse the repository.

Once you want to make a release of your software, you should tag the svn, it's trivial and helpful to retrieve a specific version later on.

For more information on Subversion, we recommend you to read the documentation on the official website:

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