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recipe #102, Source Code Managers: Configuring my SSH access

If you can't access to your project CVS trees or download area via Developer Access (write access), it means that your SSH access is not correctly configured. The only thing to do is to create a ssh-key and register it.

To create an SSH key, type in a shell:

It will ask you for a passphrase.
Only this passphrase will be accepted for SCM or rsync/scp/sftp authentification, not the Savane password. The public key will be placed at ~/.ssh/

You must register your public key in the Account Maintenance page <>

After submitting, verify that the number of keys in your file is what you expected.

Wait for the next cron job (in the worst case, 3 hours).

Try to download your CVS tree

Common troubles:

If, when (for example) you try to write on your download area, it asks you for a password and not a passphrase, then means that your key is not recognized.

It could be a matter of time (the cron job...) or, generally, it means that your key is not a correct SSH2 RSA or DSA key. If you think you have done everything correctly, use our support manager <> explaining your problem, providing copy/paste from the errors messages.

Last update: Fri Nov 25 16:30:26 2005
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Audience and Context

   All Project Members
   Download Area, Source Code Manager: CVS Repositories, Source Code Manager: GNU Arch Repositories, Source Code Manager: Subversion Repositories
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