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recipe #103, Source Code Managers: Uploading my sourcecode into the repository

(First, you should make sure that your SSH access is set up. If you are not sure, read the recipe #102)

Move into the local directory where you want to keep your local copy of the CVS tree. For example:

Do a checkout of your main module: the command you must type is describe in your project cvs page, in the par "Project Member CVS Access via SSH", subpart Sourcecode repository. Your main module is equal to your project unix name.

This will create an empty project directory, in your current working directory, where you should start writing your project.

You can now start creating any files you want in your local project directory (/opt/project in the example above):

Every time you create a new file or a directory, you must add it with the add command:

And when your changes are finished, you must do what we call a commit on the cvs:

On your cvs page, there should be links to viewcvs permitting to browse your cvs repository.

Once you want to make a release of your software, you should tag the cvs, it's trivial to do and helpful to retrieve a specific version.

More Information:

You may want to use a frontend to CVS, we recommend you to try tkcvs, see

For more info, read

Last update: Tue Oct 31 17:20:04 2006
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   All Project Members
   Source Code Manager: CVS Repositories
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