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recipe #104, General: Services usage policy

Gna! is a software development platform. So the targetted audience is composed of developers, whatever their task is (coding, documenting, translating...).

Only about Libre Software

We have established as rule for Gna! to be totally free of proprietary software. It means that no proprietary data should be hosted here.

Not a mirror...

We want our development platform to be reliable at most and we will keep our resources to development activities.

Download areas are provided for projects to distribute their work. The distribution of the work done is part of the development. But Gna! is not primarily a ftp area provider and does not intend to provide mirroring, activities outside the scope of development and primary distribution.


You may not place any revenue-generating advertisements on a site hosted here. But you can point people to commercial support offerings for your Software project.

Project Account deletion

If someday you decide to move your project someplace else or to close the account, please warn us so we can properly remove it. We'd like to avoid ghosts account.

It is our intent to provide a permanent home for all versions of your project. We do reserve the right, however, to terminate your project if there is due cause.

Last update: Tue Oct 31 19:31:57 2006
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Audience and Context

   All Project Members

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