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recipe #111, Projects Homepage: Providing an internationalized homepage

(We assume that you already used your homepage area, managed via CVS, that everything worked well. If it is not the case, please read the related recipes first)

The homepage server is configured to use content negotiation, something pretty standard with apache nowadays.

To add a translation, you just have to add a file called like $filename.$lang.html. For instance, the German translation of the index file would be named When a German user will browse your index page, when asking for /index, the apache server will return him the German page,

It means that you should advertise pages with .lang.html only if you want to point to a specific translation, and advertise pages like /blabla (for blabla.$lang.html) the rest of the time. is an example of content negotiation usage for internationalization: all the internal links are like /social_contract, always redirecting you to the translated file. But you can access translated versions with direct pointers like / (Spanish) and / (German).

Apart from that, we advise you to take care of outdated translations. You can can use the CVS tags like $Date: $ or $Id: $ to print inside your pages version information, in a warning to users.

Last update: Tue Oct 31 17:05:06 2006
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Audience and Context

   All Project Members
   Project Homepage

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