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recipe #118, Source Code Managers: Creating an apt-get repository

(We assume that you already used your download area, that everything worked well. If it is not the case, please read the related recipes first)

(We also assume that you are running a Debian or assimilated operating system, as it is more or less a prerequesite to create Debian packages)

In the commands proposed on this page, you must replace user by your login and project by your project unix name.

The first thing do is to create the directory structure. We will use the following directory structure:

Put there your packages for the relevant release:

Make sure the apt-ftparchive package is installed. Then create the Packages file, or several Packages file if you want to build several repositories. In this case, it make sense to build one repository per package:

It is a good practice to save bandwidth by compressing the Packages files:

Synchronise your directory with the download area:

Tell users what they need to add in their /etc/apt/sources.list, for instance, for the stable version:

Last update: Tue Oct 31 17:13:10 2006
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Audience and Context

   All Project Members
   Download Area

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