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recipe #254, Trackers / Group Management: Fighting Spam

Savane provides several ways to protect trackers from spam.

Preventing Spam

Savane runs DNS blacklists checks on all forms submitted by non-project members.

Apart from that, there are a few options that can allow a project admin to prevent many spams.
There are a few options that can allow a project admin to prevent many spams.

Removing Spam, Spam Scores

Spam Scores

Any logged-in user is able, when he sees content (comment or item) that he believes to be spam, to flag it as spam. This will increment the spam score of the item.

Any content with a spam score superior or equal to 5 is considered to be spam.

Each user have also his own spam score. Each time an user got one of his post flagged as spam (spam score > 4), his own score grows of 1. User own spam score is used to determine the spam score of any new post. In other words, someone caught 5 times posting spam will get all his further post automatically flagged as spam as soon as posted.

Site administrators have a specific interface that will allow them to check if spam reports against a user were legitimate and will be able to take necessary actions accordingly (like banning account used to spam or to maliciously report as spam perfectly valid content).

It is also possible to project admins and site admins to unflag content, which means they can reset the spam score of some content if they think there is a mistake.

Removing Spam

When content is considered to be spam (spam score > 4), it is not removed from the database. We do not want to risk loosing data in case of false positives.

However, comments that are spam are automatically removed from items pages, only a link remains for checking purpose.

Also, when browsing items, items that are spams are not shown, unless you change the related display criteria.

If the content is an item, it is automatically set to Locked so further post are impossible.

Last update: Wed Nov 15 16:57:54 2006
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