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recipe #114, Source Code Managers: Working behind a hostile firewall

Some sysadmins, by mistake, tend to think that blocking outbound ports is an interesting security measure. It is not a security measure in most cases, in peculiar when it restricts what legitimate end-users can do, it's a political one. Solving the political problem can be very important. And on the average, counterfeiting stupid firewalls with odd usages of the Internet has never been rewarding, on the contrary.

However, we would not like to put Libre Software developers in a dead-end because of this issue.

We do allow SSH access on the port 443, usually dedicated to https, on, and

We may at a later point remove that possibility, if we need to. This is not a good way to go, it must be considered as a temporary solution, a dirty workaround. The way to go is clearly to solve the political problem.

Last update: Fri Nov 25 17:39:47 2005
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