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recipe #105, General: What programs Gna! is running on

Gna!, as stated in the Constitution's Article 1., is entirely running on Libre Software.

The servers are running GNU/Linux, the GNU system [1] along with the kernel Linux, as shipped by the stable distribution of Debian [2].


More specifically, we provide Gna! services using:

We are not only using Libre Software but we are also involved into Libre Software development ourselves. We contribute to Savane and we wrote and maintain several small software to ease/enhance Gna! administration (Logalert, Integcheck, SeeYouLater, Daemonzup, etc).

The diagram file #479 shows how Savane intregrates into Gna! services. Note that each address identifies an autonomous Debian GNU/Linux system. When there are more than one * address for a service, it means the service is running on more than one autonomous system.

Last update: Tue Oct 31 17:26:18 2006
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