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recipe #120: Setting the item Status

As technician or manager on this tracker, you can notice the status field is mandatory.

This helps while browsing the item list to get clues about an item status. We have plenty of report, hence the strong requirement.

Here's the list of common status you should use:

- Need Info: the bug is unclear, you don't get what it means, you are not even sure it is a bug.
- Confirmed: you are positive about the presence of a bug, you know more or less what actually does not work as expected.
- In Progress: you are currently working on it. This will avoid duplicating efforts.
- Ready For Test: the item is fixed but you are not 100% positive about the fact that the issue is completely solved, because you cannot perform all necessary tests.
- Fixed: the item is fixed, it has been tested. The item will be automatically closed.

Last update: Fri Dec 2 10:55:53 2005






Audience and Context

   All Project Members, Project Members who are technicians, Project Members who are managers
   Posting New Items, Editing Items, Posting Comments

(As there is at least one of the Audience/Feature/Action context information not set, this recipe will not show up in related recipes links)

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