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recipe #311, Information: Non standard scripts and patches

Non standard scripts and patches required to install and operate the ganeti based cluster :

Ganeti Debootstrap

These scripts are only useful if installing a VM with the deboostrap method of ganeti (not useful if installing from an ISO for instance).

/etc/ganeti/instance-debootstrap.d/ :


Kvm plugins

upstream is and muninexchange is usually lagging behind :


Allow anyone to query munin node: line 36, replace allow ^127\.0\.0\.1$ by allow ^.*$

Aggregates views


DRBD with file #10781 (already patched according to the HOWTO) on each node

Ganeti redundancy

On the ganeti master ( in the nagios command below)

Append the following where is the IP of the nagios host

Add a nagios command

Add the nagios ganeti-service definition (note the longer check_interval : 600 instead of )

For each ganeti node N add

Drupal menu

file #10783 in /usr/lib/nagios/plugins : checks that drupal menu is ok. Nagios corresponding config :


file #10784 in /usr/lib/nagios/plugins : test POKER_REST with pokersocial. Nagios corresponding config :

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