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recipe #329, HowTo: IPMI on v20z

The config may not work if the Service Manager has not been reseted before.

configure lan

If the lan parameters aren't configured, you can configure them from host.

enable initial access

From the gateway (rennes.tld) :

And follow steps

Once the user has been created, the setup user is locked

enable lan

It will ask for the admin's password first, then for the LAN password (will ask twice), leave it empty.
To check it's ok, try to query ipmi using the lan interface :

configure Serial over lan

To use it :

It will prompt you for admin password, then display something like :
[no, -unavailable- is attached]

To log on the serial console, press ctrl+E,c,a,enter, which should show you the console login prompt :

hosting9.rennes.tld login:

If it does not work try ctrl-E,c,f,enter (to force attach read/write).

hosting12 login:


To be able to have the console during the boot, you need to add :

At the end of the "kopt" line of menu.lst, then update-grub.

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