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Updates: Xmldoom is still alive!

Item posted by David Snopek <dsnopek> on Thu Jan 5 20:45:48 2006.

After much inactivity, I am happy to announce that there is some new code available for Xmldoom. Since my last postings, I have gotten a new job coding in Perl now, instead of Python. I am in the process of porting Xmldoom to Perl. While Perl is not my programming language of choice, this is a rewrite from scratch, which means that it includes many of the design changes that I wanted to make for the Python version!

In my free time, I hope to port the new design back into the Python version. Since I still haven't quite gotten used to exceptions in Perl, I am hoping this will allow me to come up with a better error handling model and make the codebase more robust.

In some bad news, I found out several months ago that somehow in the shuffle, the old GNU Arch mirror I had posted on Gna! was lost. I believe I still have a copy of the original code on a now defunct machine at home. When I get a chance, I will gut the machine and re-mirror the data.


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