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Article: apt-get repositories at

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Tue 03 Feb 2004 03:32:08 PM UTC.

How do I create an apt-get repository for my debian packages on my project download area at gna? The following short article will try to provide some insight about that.

We assume that you already used your download area, that everything worked well. If it is not the case, please read the related FAQ entries first.

In the commands proposed on this page, you must replace user by your login and project by your project unix name.

The first thing do is to create the directory structure. We will use the Savannah file list directory structure:
mkdir myproject.dl && cd myproject.dl
mkdir -p stable.pkg/1.0.0 unstable.pkg/1.1.0

Put there your packages for the relevant release:
mv /build/myproject*1.0.0* stable.pkg/1.0.0
mv /build/myproject*1.1.0* unstable.pkg/1.1.0

Make sure the apt-ftparchive package is installed. Then create the Packages file, or several Packages file if you want to build several repositories. In this case, it make sense to build one repository per package:
apt-ftparchive packages stable.pkg/1.0.0/ > stable.pkg/Packages
apt-ftparchive packages unstable.pkg/1.1.0/ > unstable.pkg/Packages

It is a good practice to save bandwidth by compressing the Packages files:
gzip stable.pkg/Packages
gzip unstable.pkg/Packages

Synchronise your directory with the download area:
rsync -avr --delete .

Tell users what they need to add in their /etc/apt/sources.list, for instance, for the stable version:
deb stable.pkg/

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