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Perl pre-release (0.0.10)

Item posted by David Snopek <dsnopek> on Fri May 26 16:53:04 2006.

The version numbers got artificially jacked up while dealing with the CPAN situation, but I do now have tarball available for download from Gna!. The next version should be available from CPAN, which will hopefully come together sometime next week.

Roma was renamed to DBIx::Romani, which is not an unwelcome change, but only forces you to type a little more. It is currently available off of CPAN, although that version is a little out of sync with the Xmldoom release of the same number.

The Javascript stuff is included in this tarball, and will allow you to use the same API as you would in Perl through a code generator (xmldoom-generate) and the mod_perl based ORB. Everything works except for save()'ing and plural object properties. Anyway, you can use Criteria's to their full, which should allow for some interesting interface design.


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