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relax version 1.2.7.

Item posted by Edward d Auvergne <bugman> on Tue Sep 19 08:53:18 2006.

This release adds full compatibility for MS Windows. Unless you would like to use relax on Windows or are a developer (a few debugging features have been added), this release can be safely ignored. To allow relax to properly function on MS Windows a number of changes were necessary. This includes a number of bug fixes, the creation of the 'relax.bat' batch file, and modifications to allow the C modules to be compiled. Pre-compiled Windows zip files will now be available for download from the relax download page (

The full list of changes is:


  • The C modules now compile without problem on MS Windows.
  • The MS Windows binary distribution packages are now successfully built using the SCons build system.
  • The batch file 'relax.bat' has been created for running relax from the MS Windows command prompt.
  • The program introduction width is now 80 characters in MS Windows for proper display from the command prompt.


  • The program state is saved when a RelaxError occurs in debugging mode.
  • KeyboardInterupt during script execution in debugging mode will print the Python traceback.


  • The sconstruct script no longer fails in MS Windows. (bug #6980)
  • Model selection is now functional on all operating systems. (bug #6873)
  • The use of the Unix only class 'Popen3' has been removed to allow relax to function on all non-Unix operating systems. (bug #6841)
  • If the XH bond vector length is 0, the vector is set to None rather than raising a RelaxError. (partial fix to bug #6503)
  • Fix for the sconstruct script failure on MS Windows due to ImportErrors caused by importing Unix specific code. (bug #6841)
  • Fix for ImportErrors in MS Windows preventing relax from running. (bug #6841)


Wiki release announcement. (posted by Edward d Auvergne, Sat Sep 20 18:35:05 2014)


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