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Release 2.0: interface heavy improvements, bugfixes and cosmetics

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Tue Oct 3 08:06:29 2006.

Here comes a new Savane release. This release brings many interface improvements. Most notably, the top menu now use dropdown submenus, which allow users to jump from any page to another with a single click. Note also that the "display criteria" boxes are minimized by default, to give more room to the results.

I'd like to thanks anyone involved in this release, most notably Tobias Toedter, Yves Perrin (CERN, PH SFT), Armando L. Caro Jr. (BBN Technologies) and Sylvain Beucler. I'd like to also thanks translators Daniel Nylander, Ajuntament Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Matteo Settenvini; this release is completely translated in Catalan, German, French, Italian and Swedish.

The release tracking has been made with the task #2862.

Obtaining it:

Upgrading a running installation:
If you are running Savane 1.4, you should run sql and perl scripts included in savane/update/2.0, as described in savane/update/README (or shipped with the debian package savane-update).
These scripts will handle the trivial changes on the database needed. They are supposedly safe but you should, indeed, do a backup of your database first, just in case (using mysqldump, for instance).

If you are running an older version than 1.4, you should run the scripts in savane/update for each release you missed.

Also, you need to update your configuration following these instructions:

------ configuration update instructions ------

  • First you must re-run sv_update_conf, with -r option.

You must regenerate a conffile in all cases, as the configuration file name and the default location changed. Now, the default is /etc/savane/ instead of deprecated

(Note: after regenerating the conffile, verify that your apache daemon has the right to execute /etc/savane/.savane.conf.php)

*You must update your apache configuration to follow the conffile location change, if you use the default location. You should then have like:
SetEnv SAVANE_CONF /etc/savane

(Note: in this case, you may even comment this SetEnv SAVANE_CONF, as the system will fallback on /etc/savane if missing)

  • You must update your apache configuration to add, just after the similar configuration bits regarding "Files projects" and "Files users":

<Files file>
ForceType application/x-httpd-php

This is mandatory, file download will no longer work if you do
not do it.
------------ end ------------

Also, you need to update your site specific content:

------ site specific content update instructions ------

  • Take a look at the new file forbidden_mail_domains.txt (if

this file is missing from you site specific content, account creation may fail, it is very important)

  • Remove the default sentences of my/items.txt, my/groups.txt, account/index_intro.txt, they moved into the interface.
  • people/editprofile.txt deleted.
  • people/editresume.txt added, empty by default.

------ end ------

Installing it from scratch:
Just follow INSTALL.verbose. You will probably want to take a look at more completes guides available at <>

If you encounter undocumented troubles, please fill a support request at <>

Release Complete ChangeLog:


  • Added forbidden_mail_domains.txt that allows to forbid users to

associate users account with emails from arbitrarily defined domains
(used at project registration and during email change, task #2917).

  • my/items.txt, my/groups.txt, account/index_intro.txt:

default text moved to the interface.
It is standard text that should not be changed. But additional text
can still be added.

  • people/editprofile.txt deleted.
  • people/editresume.txt added, empty by default.


  • You must re-run sv_update_conf to regenerate a conffile in all

cases, as the configuration file name and the default location
changed. Now, the default is /etc/savane/ instead
of deprecated /etc/savannah/ (task #3020).

  • You must update your apache configuration to follow the

conffile location change, if you use the default location.
You should then have like:
SetEnv SAVANE_CONF /etc/savane
If you do not use the default location but a custom one (something
different than /etc/savannah and /etc/savane), there is nothing to
change (task #3020).

  • You must update your apache configuration to add:

<Files file>
ForceType application/x-httpd-php

just after the similar configuration bits regarding "Files projects"
and "Files users" (task #2888).


  • Code cleanups, interface cosmetics.
  • Water theme rewritten from scratch.
  • New field in group_type.php: mailing list virtual host
  • Fixed list name verification against existing user names
  • Support British locale (with d/m/y date format)
  • Fix typo (bug #5975).
  • Now feedback can be removed from the page by clicking on it, without

reloading the page (bug #5202).

  • Feedback fixed-positionning is optional, users can select

relative positionning, loosing the ability to always have the
feedback accessible in one click without scrolling up and down.
Some users apparently have browsers that slow down when there is
such fixed box on their page (even if fixed positionning is not
something especially unusual).

  • Now boxoptions (like 'display criteria' are shown minimized by

default and are maximized by a simple click on (+) (task #2919).

  • Does feedback transparency only using the standard CSS3 'opacity',

no longer relying on non-standard browser specific things (Gecko
now supports opacity).

  • Shortcut links for items are now provided. You can for instance

type to get to task #564 (task #2804).

  • Now, when downloading a file attached to an item, users are

redirected to a meta-directory that make their web browser think they
are actually opening a real file named as the attached file was named
before being inserted into the database.
For instance, if you attach a file name "myfile.txt", from now on,
the final url where you will download it will be
Whatever web browser you are using, he will surely propose you
"myfile.txt" as filename, while with the previous
domain/tracker/download.php?file_if=nnn many web browser would
propose you "download.php" (task #2888).

  • KDE nuvola icon theme now used for emeraud and gna themes.
  • Anonymous users have no longer any access to users email address

(task #2938).

  • Users now can delete their account - this process cannot be undone

(task #2208).

  • Fix a bug allowing by mistake users to associate more than one

account to an email address (bug #5314).

  • When adding a dependency to an item, the parameters of the last

search (restrict search to tracker or project) are now remembered
in the result page (bug #5341).

  • Fix a bug causing mail added in originator email field to be

missing in CC list (bug #5309).

  • It is now possible to keep only one session opened at a time,

useful for that open many sessions on many computers without
closing them properly and not wanting these sessions to be kept

  • Fix a bug causing the logout page to destroy only an half of

the session information (which is enough to destroy the session
but unclean).

  • It is now possible to kill all sessions apart from the current

one (bug #5258).

  • Every <font>, <b>, and <i> HTML tag has been replaced by an

appropriate <span>, <strong>, or <em> tag. Moreover, there has
been some effort to make Savane even more compliant with
XHTML output (task #2882).

  • Order mailing-list by alphabetical order, more logical than

list creation chronological order (bug #5379).

  • Fix a bug causing the recipes "Last Update" info to be

sometimes erroneous (bug #5396).

  • Allow capitalization of theme names. It changes only the CSS file

name and what is printer in "My Admin", nothing else (task #3015).

  • Now the top menu is a drop down menu (task #3021). There is

however an menu in the old fashion available as option, for people
using browser impossible to support properly for this (like
konqueror < 3.1, etc). This option can be set in My Account Conf
(task #3719).

  • Savane is now fully translated to Swedish. Many thanks to

Daniel Nylander for his work!

  • Korean translation has been removed because it not maintained

(only 37 translated messages remained).

  • Fixed a bug in item digest causing the announced latest comment to

be actually the first one.

  • Mention who is the author of the latest comment shown in digest.
  • Now "originator email" text field is moved in item reassignment.
  • Fix a bug that occasionally caused a global notification to be


  • Warn of MSIE related layout problem, recommends to use another

browser in case of issues - 3 more MSIE specifics hacks were
necessary for this release. As these hacks force Savane to
make non-standard usage of CSS, results would be highly unpredictable
to any web browser that interpret CSS correctly (bug #6904).

  • Remove "$InstallationName: " from the site-scope pages, useless

as it is always mentioned at the end of the title between [ ] *
(bug #6884).

  • Remove full description of the error from the pages titles

when exiting on error: this is too noisy and does not really
matters, as people wont bookmarks such links.
It is cleaner not to put invite them to read the feedback
(bug #6919).

  • Statistics bars now have fixed line height (bug #6907).
  • Fixed a bug causing sometimes the mailing-list names to be

enforced in a way different that the one configured for the group
type (%PROJECT- was added while it was not configured that way)
(bug #6962).

  • It is now possible to ask for mailing list admin password to

be reset (task #3661).

  • Logged-in users are redirected to /my when accessing pages

like account/register which has no purpose for a logged in user
(bug #6972).

  • Fix a bug making impossible to project admins to configure

their Arch or SVN viewcvs link (bug #5774).

  • Fix a bug causing the page Set Active Feature to show outdated

info after update (was fixed in the past, the bugfix no longer
works for an unknown reason).

  • Closed items because they were reassigned to another tracker

are now marked as such in a very clear way: item title, original
submission and comments (bug #4446).

  • Propose sensible default for rank on output values when creating

query forms (bug #2867).

  • Do not mention in feedback the internal automatic transition for

the system 'closed on' field happening when an automatic transition
close an item (bug #7004).

  • Fix a bug causing severals words included in a CC list, as one

CC, to be concatened in a single word. It is cleaner, however, it
does not change the fact that if someone put "thisguy thislogin" as
CC, no one will get notified as it not a valid address. For this
to work, "thisguy <thislogin>" should be entered instead
(bug #6889).

  • Now the system does plenty of checks to make sure the same

notification is not sent twice. Now, for instance, he will be
able not to add twice in To: an email that shows up because it was
in CC in full text + referred as a username of the submitter
(bug #7034).

  • Warns in item pages if CC addresses look suspicious (bug #7036).
  • Reminds exactly where was an anonymous and bring him back after

login even if had posted an item - on POST, variables where missing
from the URI and the redirection was leading to "No Group Missing
Parameters" error (bug #6984).

  • Print a warning, when printing twice a form because of a forgotten

mandatory field, mentioning that uploaded file must be one more time
added - this is limitation of HTML, we cannot prefill these input
like we do for any other inputs (bug #7007).

  • Fix a bug causing an item update to be sent if someone was clicking

one more time on "Submit Changes & Return to this Item" (button only
shown if you have privileges on the tracker) after closing the item
(bug #7113).

  • In the menu, if there are external docs (extra link), consider them

prior to the cookbook: if the users use two doc tool (allowed to do
this by the site admin via Group Type settings), there is no reason
to consider the external less important than the Savane one, at the
contrary, we can assume that they made the choice to use another one
for good reasons and we do not have to enforce anything at this

  • Now recipes that are for everybody are grouped when browsing

the Cookbook (task #2658).

  • Browse item pages no longer allows to more than 150 items

to be showned at once, unless in printer version or while
doing digest (bug #7134).

  • Add default recipes when the local admin group is created

(usually when installing Savane, bug #7136).

  • Attached files size limit is now configurable, still at 512 kB by

default. (bug #5693).
Note: for higher values, MySQL and PHP default setup will probably
not work.

  • Use the noreply address as originator for news item (this change

may be discussed).

  • Items are now mixed in dependancies list. It means that now

only the chronological order count, there is no longer first the
bugs, then the tasks etc (task #3736).

  • My Incoming Items & My Items pages optimized (should load faster).

Unfortunately, My Incoming Items no longer list old items recently
assigned but only recent items: this was too heavy (bug #7200).

  • Hide Homepage links if pointing to nowhere.
  • Fix bug causing the message of the user requesting inclusion

to be missing from the mail sent (bug #5692).


  • Fix a bug causing access to private list archives to be denied

when the latest slash is missing in the url (bug #2228).


  • sv_mailman can send virtual host information to Mailman.
  • sv_mailman can now reconfigure and delete lists (bug #5389,

task #366).
- Note that you need to call it with --keep-archives
if you want it not to ask mailman to remove its archives.
- Note also that the list will be removed from both the system
and the database.
- Finally, note that password changes requires Mailman
version >= 2.1.x

  • Locking is now performed via flock(2) instead of touch(1).
  • Locks will all go into /var/lock/savane (bug #6880).
  • sv_mailman_and_mailarchivedotcom added, a script that register

public mailing list to

  • Rely on Date::Calc instead of GNU date -d option, more portable

(bug #5390).

  • sv_update_conf now warn if a setting is mandatory and refuse to

proceed further if the user does not enter a setting. Output has
been polished.

  • sv_update_conf now checks if filesystem path are valid (bug #6927).
  • Fix a bug causing sv_gpgcheckfiles to sometimes dies prematurely

(bug #6878).

  • sv_gpgcheckfiles now refers to the Cookbook, and no longer to the

dead-and-buried FAQ.

  • sv_gpgcheckfiles cache now avoids possible flaws of md5 collisions

(bug #4421);

  • Fix a bug in history content of XML exports.
  • Added dependancies in XML exports.
  • Fix a bug causing --big-cleanup option of sv_cleaner to fails in

some cases (bug #5489).

  • sv_mailman_checkqueue as been removed, as it is not compatible

with Mailman =< 2.1.x which is now required by Savane (bug #2858).

  • sv_extra_export/sv_export_import removed (now longer updated,

probably broken).

  • sv_extra_merge_projects added, a tool to merge several projects

into one (task #3785).


  • Add GetDBHash that returns a clean hash. Useful to grab data

which may contain ',', in which case GetDB should not be used.
* Now depends also on Text::Wrap


  • Add mailing_list_virtual_host field in group_type
  • Remove buggy (old leftover) "Revision Tag" field from patch

field database (bug #7154)


That's all, folks!


About the script sv_extra_merge_projects (posted by Mathieu Roy, Tue Oct 3 14:00:49 2006)

If you need this script, you'd better get a copy of the version in the trunk. This script is still at a very experimental stage.

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About dropdown submenus (posted by Mathieu Roy, Tue Oct 3 11:20:51 2006)

If these submenus do not work for your browser (stone age konqueror version, like 3.0.0, from 2002, will not be able to make it work), you have to activate the Stone Age Menu, in My Account Conf, a menu that behaves more or less like the older one.

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