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relax version 1.2.8.

Item posted by Edward d Auvergne <bugman> on Sat Nov 4 09:46:30 2006.

This is a major bug fix release. A number of important bugs have been fixed including the failure of model selection between global diffusion models when using the local tm models (bug #7616), the failure of model elimination when the model 'm0' is used (bug #7226), and the failure in the reading of old model-free results files from relax versions prior to 1.2.5 (bug #7587). Additional bug fixes are detailed below. New features include preliminary support for RNA/DNA data and support for the 'grace.write()' user function for reduced spectral density mapping.

The new relax versions can be downloaded from either or

The full list of changes is:


  • Preliminary support for RNA/DNA. (bug #7241)
  • Significant improvements to the SCons build system (see 'scons --help').
  • Expansion and improvement of the relax development chapter.
  • The grace.write() user function works with reduced spectral density mapping. (task #4002)


  • MS Windows installation instructions have been added to the manual.
  • The RelaxWarning system has been added to standardise warning messages.
  • The relax manual now describes the test suite. (task #3781)
  • The 15N CSA values in the sample scripts are now all -172 ppm.
  • The ambiguity cased by supplying the option 'None' together with Newton optimisation has been resolved in the documentation. (task #3630)
  • Optimisation tests have been added to the test suite.


  • Model selection between the global diffusion models no longer fails if all residues of the local tm models have been deselected by model elimination. (bug #7192)
  • The '' sample script no longer fails when residue specific relaxation data is missing (corrupt input data). (bug #7224)
  • Prior to executing Modelfree4, Dasha, Molmol, Grace, or OpenDX, tests are run to determine if the binary exists, is executable, and is in the system path. (bug #7225)
  • Model elimination when using the model-free model 'm0' no longer fails. (bug #7226)
  • The strict checking of the Da and Dr diffusion tensor parameters has been relaxed to allow for optimisation imprecision. (bug #7297)
  • The reading of Modelfree4 mfout results files no longer fails when residue specific relaxation data is missing (corrupt input data). (bug #7277)
  • If optimisation returns an infinite value or a NaN value, these are now caught and a RelaxError thrown. (bug #6503, task #3621)
  • The sigma(NOE) equations of Chapter 8 of the manual have been fixed. (bug #7402)
  • Files containing relaxation data not consisting of exactly 4 columns will now be read. (bug #7583)
  • Model-free results files from relax versions prior to 1.2.5 are now properly read. (bug #7587)
  • Model selection between the global diffusion models does not fail when the local tm models are included. (bug #7616)


Wiki release announcement. (posted by Edward d Auvergne, Sat Sep 20 18:35:21 2014)


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