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Announce: flag spams in trackers

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Tue 14 Nov 2006 04:44:25 PM UTC.

You may have already notice that you are now able to flag as spam comments and items in the Savane trackers.

This feature is still experimental and a recipe will be added soon to explain exactly how it works (each comment and item have a spam score, users have also a spam score that impact the score of items they post - when an item spam score is higher than 4, it is considered as spam by the software).

Currently, Gna! does not seems to be affected by spams on trackers, unlike some others servers running Savane, most probably because it is a default on most trackers to disallow anonymous post.

The ability given to logged in users to flag as spam items and comments is only a part of ongoing developments in regard of the spam nuisance.

Obviously, this is really to report spams, not to express disagreement in a hot discussion (flaming?) with another guy about a bug :)

Comments: (posted by balbie pucing, Fri 20 Mar 2015 07:16:34 AM UTC)

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Now covered by a recipe (posted by Mathieu Roy, Wed 15 Nov 2006 02:35:43 PM UTC)

Please, read recipe #254 if you want to know how this work exactly.

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