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Magma 0.0.20070829 released on SVN and download area

Item posted by Tx0 <tx0> on Wed Aug 29 10:40:18 2007.

Changes from the ChangeLog:

A lot of!

Most important one, magma layering has been rethought entierly. API interface was confused and misleading but I wasn't able to get the reason why! Now it's clear.

Old magma_flare.h and .c files are now called magma_flare_internals.h and .c and are no longer exposed by magma.h. A new version of magma_flare.h and .c has been written implementing all magma version of libc equivalent calls, like magma_mknod() and magma_read(). Directory code was included more appropriately here; only directory internals like magma_get_slot() have been left in magma_flare_internals.h.

New API restyle was due to a simple consideration. Use should never care about flare system and routing and network topology and anything else. User just want to open that file, read o write it and close it! That's all! So a masquerading of internals was needed. That's why magma_flare.h changed its face so much.

All the include files set has been rationalized to offer better inclusion system. Other files, like bootstrap.c was merged with

magma.c has been reduced and many functions has been moved inside flare system where they belong more naturally. Two calls are now required to initialize flare system before any usage. The first is magma_config_myself() used to copy command line values describing this node into a static structure called myself inside flare system. The second is magma_flare_system_init() and it is used to build up lava network or join an existing one from a remote bootserver, create /.dht/ directory and other init stuff.

A network event loop has also been created, called magma_network_loop(). All connection issues will be managed inside this loop.

For more informations, please read


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