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Release 2.0.7

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Sat 06 Mar 2004 08:18:55 AM UTC.

pdbv 2.0.7 is released.

New in pdbv 2.0.7:

* The default is now to regenerate the whole output completely, as
it appears to be faster. It may need some tests on different
* Links between packages.
* Russian and Dutch translation added.
* Graphical representation of installed-size.
* Give information about usage, using popularity-contest.
* --dpkg-dir runtime option.

It also fix several debian-specific bugs.

Florian, the debian maintainer seems too busy to handle pdbv, since he
did not reply to my mail of the 2 february. So the package will get
into debian later, unless someone do an upload for me.

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