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Release of Advene 0.28

Item posted by Olivier Aubert <oaubert> on Wed Feb 13 13:32:07 2008.

A new version of the Advene software has been released. Along with the usual usability enhancements, version 0.28 offers a new finder view a-la MacOS X, a more flexible quicksearch behaviour (ability to specify multiple keywords, to exclude keywords...). The timeline view now supports selecting a range of annotations, displays screenshots along the timescale and offers the possibility to navigate to the next/previous annotation in a given type.

New actions are available in dynamic views: Pronounce (text-to-speech synthesis of the annotation contents), PlaySoundClip, PopupGotoOutgoingRelated (displays a navigation popup based on relations).

Data can be imported from the following formats: text, SRT subtitles, ELAN, PRAAT, CMML, IRI, Anvil, MPEG7 (FreeTextAnnotations only), Xi, AnnotationGraph, shotdetect, lsdvd

Data can be exported to the following formats: SMIL, SVG, HTML+CSS, SRT subtitles, spreadsheet

Note for Windows users: the location of the preferences directory has changed, it is now stored in %USERPROFILE%/advene. Previous settings are not preserved.

A summarized change list can be found in the changelog:


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