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Release of Advene 0.30

Item posted by Olivier Aubert <oaubert> on Wed May 21 08:56:47 2008.

Version 0.30 of the Advene software has been released. Along with the usual usability enhancements, it offers a new ActiveBookmarks view that allows to create annotations through the definition (Insert or Alt-Space shortcut) and interactive reorganisation of bookmarks. The Play/pause shortcut has been changed to Control-Tab in order not to interfere with standard shortcut behaviour.

This release is compatible with Ubuntu Hardy Heron.

New actions are available in dynamic views: Braille (braille output of annotations), OpenStaticView, state-related actions.

Data can be imported from the following formats: text, SRT subtitles, ELAN, PRAAT, CMML, IRI, Anvil, MPEG7 (FreeTextAnnotations only), Xi, AnnotationGraph, shotdetect, lsdvd

Data can be exported to the following formats: SMIL, SVG, HTML+CSS, SRT subtitles, spreadsheet, CMML

A summarized change list can be found in the changelog:


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