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NaSMail v.1.5 released

Item posted by Tomas Kuliavas <tokul> on Sun Jun 1 18:06:26 2008.

The NaSMail Project released new NaSMail webmail packages.

Release includes security updates in HTML email sanitizing. These updates prevent some interface abuse with CSS.

This NaSMail release adds SASL PLAIN support to IMAP and SMTP authentication functions. It also includes optimizations in IMAP EXPUNGE commands and UIDPLUS support.

Release includes small fixes in do_hook_function(). It fixes possible issues in setups with forced_prefs and mobi plugins.

This NaSMail release adds lots of updates in RBL filtering options. Option names are not compatible with older filters plugin versions. If older spam options are detected, they will be migrated to 1.5+ format and deleted.

See list of changes in included ChangeLog file.

MD5 sums of NaSMail packages
9daa8ed2ce16a7935f09243502a83652 nasmail-1.5.tar.bz2
18e5658605bb368a980e1e9e7ac612a2 nasmail-1.5.tar.gz
a21a38ae78ce584906dac4f6018f016c nasmail-1.4-1.5.diff.gz

MD5 sums of NaSMail translation packages
0090efb8296c596b28fd7fdd059cb214 nasmail_translations-1.5.tar.bz2
5679b77a5848aa47a4db0a38d208e900 nasmail_translations-1.5.tar.gz


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