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Stacked Git 0.15

Item posted by Catalin Marinas <cmarinas> on Sat Oct 24 22:34:00 2009.

Stacked Git 0.15 release is available from

The main features in this release:

* New core infrastructure for repository operations, including infinite undo/redo operations and automatic rollback of changes following a failed operation (using transactions)
* Some commands were added, including "stg squash" (for combining two or more patches into one), "stg publish" (for maintaining merge-friendly branches which are never rebased) and "stg prev/next" (for printing the name of the previous or next patch in the series)
* The commands "stg add", "stg rm", "stg cp", and "stg resolved" were removed, since there are corresponding Git equivalents
* The "stg import" and "stg fold" commands support the "-p N" option for stripping leading slashes from diff paths
* The "stg import" and "stg fold" commands support the "--reject" option for leaving rejected hunks in corresponding *.rej files
* New patch identification syntax: <branch>:<patch> (see documentation for the "stg id" command)
* Autosigning of imported patches when "sign.autosign" configuration option is set
* A powerful Emacs mode for StGit was added to the "contrib" directory. It displays the patch stack in an Emacs buffer, and can handle all common StGit tasks
* Improved bash tab-completion, automatically generated from the stg command definitions
* Man pages and an improved tutorial


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