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Veusz 1.6 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Wed 27 Jan 2010 02:46:46 PM UTC.

Changes in 1.6:

  • User defined constants, functions or external Python imports can be defined for use when evaluating expressions.
  • Import descriptor is much more tolerant of syntax, e.g. "x,+- y,+,-" can now be specified as "x +- y + -".
  • New SVG export (PyQt >= 4.6). Supports clipping and exports text as paths for full WYSIWYG.
  • Dataset names can now contain any character except "`". Names containing non-alphanumeric characters can be quoted in expressions `like so`*1.23
  • Widget names can contain any character except "/"
  • A transparency dataset can be provided to specify the per-pixel transparency of the image widget.
  • A polygon widget has been added.
  • There is a new option to place axis ticks outside the plot (outer ticks setting on axis widget)
  • Several new line styles have been added.
  • Several new plotting markers have been added.
  • The capture dialog can optionally retain the last N values captured.

Minor changes:

  • Use of flat cap line style for plotting error bars for exactness.
  • Add fixes for saving imported unicode text.
  • Fix image colors for big endian systems (e.g. Mac PPC).
  • Add boxfill error bar style, plotting errors as filled boxes.
  • Positive and negative error bars are forced to have the correct sign.


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