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Veusz 1.7 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Mon 29 Mar 2010 09:45:59 AM UTC.


  • Widgets can be moved by dragged and dropped in the widget tree, or copied by holding down ctrl at the same time
  • Tick labels are centred if possible at the start and ends of axes
  • When putting graphs in grid, axis labels and tick labels are placed in much better positions
  • Embedding module is shipped in binary versions
  • Grid lines can be drawn on axis minor ticks
  • Contour widget can draw minor (dotted) contours between main contours
  • Logarithmic contours have proper logarithmic spacing
  • Fixes for widget names and dataset names with Unicode characters, including copy and paste
  • Optional smoothing in the image widget

Minor changes:

  • Errors in evaluating expressions are logged in the console window, and do not show exceptions
  • Fix problems when importing multiple symbols from python modules in the custom import dialog
  • Use minus sign for negative numbers in tick labels, rather than hyphens
  • Contour widget lines can have transparency
  • Datasets are sorted by name when writing to saved document
  • Use correct status for paste button when starting application
  • Add option for extra space between axes and tick labels, and axis labels
  • Preference added for background color of exported bitmaps
  • Add IsClosed() and WaitForClose() embedding functions to check whether plot window is closed, or to wait for closing of plot window.


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