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Item posted by MiKaƫl NAVARRO <klnavarro> on Fri Apr 23 21:35:42 2010.

After several months of inactivity, new functionalities was added:
- Modulate priority calculation when due date is overdue or when
status !someday is applied (task #6861).
- By default set urgency of new tasks to current month.
- Set the Due (target) date in +/- days (task #6585).
- List tasks without context, i.e. in the inbox (task #6877).
- Display the number of tasks found after a research.
- An approach (patch #1172) to also printing out not otherwise printed tasks (tasks that do not have contexts, projects, or other things).
- Cmds 'overdue' and 'deadlines' to see tasks overdue or coming up (patch #1366).
- Display contexts and next task for each context (patch #1366).
And, some bug was fixed:
- Fix bug (bug #13349) while loading a non-existing file.
- Fix crash (bug #13987) when archive then order.


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