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Release of Advene 0.42

Item posted by Olivier Aubert <oaubert> on Tue Sep 14 08:09:13 2010.

Version 0.44 of the Advene software has been released. Among the new features, the website export can generate HTML5 <video> tags, timecode display format can be customised, the player control interface and shortcuts has been revamped, and many interface improvements have been integrated. A summarized change list can be found in the changelog.

About Advene: the cross-platform Advene application allows users to easily create comments and analyses about video documents, through the definition of time-aligned annotations and their mobilisation into automatically-generated or user-written comment views (HTML documents). Annotations can also be used to modify the rendition of the audiovisual document, thus providing virtual montage, captioning, navigation... capabilities. Users can exchange their comments/analyses in the form of Advene packages, independently from the video itself. You can find more information (application, screenshots, screencasts...) on the Advene website

Data can be imported from the following formats: text, SRT subtitles, ELAN, PRAAT, CMML, IRI, Anvil, MPEG7 (FreeTextAnnotations only), Xi, AnnotationGraph, shotdetect, lsdvd

Data can be exported to the following formats: SMIL, SVG, HTML+CSS, SRT subtitles, spreadsheet, CMML, TimedText


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