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NaSMail v.1.7.1 released posted by tokul, Sun 10 Oct 2010 05:11:15 PM UTC - 0 replies
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NaSMail v.1.7.1 released

Item posted by Tomas Kuliavas <tokul> on Sun 10 Oct 2010 05:11:15 PM UTC.

The NaSMail Project released new NaSMail webmail package.

This NaSMail release includes fixes and security updates backported from NaSMail trunk. It fixes header unfolding, attachment encoding and newer Dovecot CAPABILITY issues, corrects cumulative counts in left folder listing, improves speed of mailbox listing.

This NaSMail release fixes possible denial-of-service bug. If NaSMail 1.3-1.7 versions are used in setups with some PHP versions, attacker can use PHP mbstring extension quirk to block mailbox listing and exhaust webserver's CPU resources.

See list of changes in included ChangeLog file.

MD5 sums of NaSMail packages
7b903abab586727cff125c3e49b54235 nasmail-1.7.1.tar.bz2
6aa8d26172c6e88953c4c70baf543eef nasmail-1.7.1.tar.gz
69c6da8b85e501c690dbbaae19a5691e nasmail-1.7-1.7.1.diff.gz


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