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Veusz 1.10 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Sun 12 Dec 2010 05:19:17 PM UTC.

Changes in 1.10:

  • Box plot widget added, which can be given statistics to plot or calculated from datasets
  • Polar plot widget added
  • Datasets are now easier to construct and edit in the Data->Edit dialog box
  • CSV reader will assume a text dataset if it cannot convert first item to a number
  • Add color sequence plugin for making a range of widget colors
  • Import plugin for QDP files added
  • Date and times can be also written in local formats
  • Reload data dialog box can reload at intervals and is now non-modal
  • 2D datasets can be created based on expressions of other 2D datasets

Minor changes:

  • Option to change size of ends of error bars
  • Margin size option added for key widget
  • Add --listen option to veusz command to replace veusz_listen.
  • Add --quiet option to run commands without displaying a window
  • Add --export option to export documents to graphics files and exit
  • PNG export compression increased
  • Add option to ignore number of lines after headers in CSV files

Bug fixes:

  • Multiple datasets can now be properly created from dataset plugin dialog
  • X and Y ranges of 2D datasets are now correct when converted from X,Y,Z 1D datasets
  • Bounding boxes of resizing rectangles, ellipses and images are fixed
  • min and max coordinate range now works for plotting functions of y
  • Remove duplicate linked files when using import plugins
  • Several crash reports fixed
  • More robust code in data->edit dialog box
  • veusz_listen now works in Windows (not in binary package yet)


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