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Veusz 1.11 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Sun Apr 3 20:56:24 2011.

  • New data point picker for finding coordinates of points on plot (contributed by B.K. Stuhl)
  • New data navigator window for filtering, sorting and examining dataset statistics
  • ".." button next to dataset settings pops up data navigator for choosing datasets
  • Data fitting can now use PyMinuit, giving error estimates (B.K. Stuhl)
  • Console history now uses currently entered characters to select lines from history (B.K. Stuhl)
  • New self test script, comparing graph output with expected output
  • Put superscripts and subscripts above each other when formatting (B.K. Stuhl)
  • Key entries can have multiple lines (using \\) (B.K. Stuhl)
  • Option to treat blanks as data items in CSV files
  • Locale support added for number formatting

* Can use current locale or US/English in documents
* Can use US/English or current local in user interface

  • Contours avoid missing (nan) values
  • Linux binaries are now created on a more modern system
  • Windows binaries now use MSVC for compilation

Bug fixes:

  • CSV import with blank columns fixed
  • Embedding module now working when using binary
  • Remember current directory with unicode characters
  • Extension module now compiles under MSVC in Windows
  • Output is always appended to console (B.K. Stuhl)
  • \r characters sometimes break data import in Windows
  • If using --export option, add directory of script to import path

Minor bug fixes:

  • Zero sized dataset contour plot fix
  • Fix problem on context menu for axis match setting
  • Small values on log axis fix
  • Disable data edit dialog context menu when no datasets
  • Loading files with unicode filenames on command line
  • Do not allow non finite float settings


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