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Test-AutoBuild release 1.2.3 available

Item posted by Daniel Berrange <danpb> on Fri Sep 2 10:32:05 2011.

I'm happy to announce general availablity of a new bugfix release of Test-AutoBuild - version 1.2.3. The source download is up on CPAN:

The API docs, command line docs, config file format docs are all
browsable on the Test-AutoBuild CPAN webpage:

New in this release:

  • Fix Monotone repository plugin & require mtn >= 0.48
  • Fix timezone handling in Darcs, Mercurial, Subversion & Bazaar repositories
  • Rewrite GIT repository support to be more robust
  • Make Mercurial repository history scanner more robust
  • Rewrite auto-build-clean-root & auto-build-make-root in Perl instead of Shell for portability
  • Fix generation of HTML status page links for test logs
  • Fix error handling in Template module

Bugs in this release should be reported directly to the issue tracker:

Or sent to the -devel mailing list:


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