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Veusz 1.14 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Thu Nov 24 20:40:25 2011.

Changes in 1.14:

  • Added interactive tutorial
  • Points in graphs can be colored depending on another dataset and the scale shown in a colorbar widget
  • Improved CSV import

- better data type detection
- locale-specific numeric and date formats
- single/multiple/none header modes
- option to skip lines at top of file
- better handling of missing values

  • Data can be imported from clipboard
  • Substantially reduced size of output SVG files
  • In standard data import, descriptor can be left blank to generate dataset names colX
  • Axis plotting range can be interactively manipulated
  • If axis is in date-time format, show and allow the min and max values to be in date-time format
  • ImageFile widget can have image data embedded in document file
  • Fit widget can update the fit parameters and fit quality to a label widget
  • Allow editing of 2D datasets in data edit dialog
  • Add copy and paste dataset command to dataset browser context menu

Minor and API changes:

  • Examples added to help menu
  • Picker shows date values as dates
  • Allow descriptor statement in standard data files after a comment

character, e.g. "#descriptor x y"

  • Added some further color maps
  • Draw key symbols for vector field widget
  • Import plugin changes

- Register classes rather than instances (backward compatibility is retained)
- Plugins can return constants and functions (see Constant and Function types)
- Add DatasetDateTime for returning date-time datasets

  • Custom definitions

- Add RemoveCustom API to remove custom definitions
- AddCustom API can specify order where custom definition is added

  • C++ code to speed up plotting points of different sizes / colors
  • Expand files by default in data navigator window
  • Select created datasets in data edit dialog
  • Tooltip wrapping used in data navigator window
  • Grid lines are dropped if they overlap with edge of graph

Bug fixes

  • Fix initial extension in export dialog
  • Fix crash on hiding pages
  • Fixed validation for numeric values
  • Position of grid lines in perpendicular direction for non default positions
  • Catch errors in example import plugin
  • Fix crash for non existent key symbols
  • Fix crash when mismatch of dataset sizes when combining 1D datasets to make 2D dataset


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