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Veusz 1.15 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Tue Apr 3 21:03:42 2012.

Changes in 1.15:

  • Improved hatching:

* More hatch styles
* Adjust spacing of hatching
* Change hatching line style
* Allow hatching background color

  • Axes will not extend beyond specified min and max values
  • Add options to extend axes by 2, 5, 10 and 15% of data range
  • Ctrl+MouseWheel zooms in and out of plot
  • Full screen graph view mode
  • New dataset plugins

* Linear interpolation
* Cumulative value
* Rolling average
* Subtract mean / minimum

  • Allow grid widgets to be placed in grid widgets
  • Catch EnvironmentError exceptions on Windows
  • Allow multiple datasets to be selected in dataset browser
  • Allow tagging of datasets and allow datasets be grouped by tags in dataset browser
  • Allow text to be written as text in SVG, rather than curves
  • Add DBus interface to program, if DBus is installed
  • 2D QDP support
  • Add options for packagers

--veusz-resource-dir : location of data files

  • Add title option for keys

Minor changes:

  • Use / rather than \ for path separator in saved file names for Windows/Unix compatibility
  • Add diamond fill error bar type
  • Add \color and \marker commands to text renderer
  • Support labels on xy datasets if one of x or y datasets missing
  • Reorganise dataset plugin menu
  • Fix links in INSTALL/README
  • Floating point intervals in capture dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Trap case where nan values could be plotted
  • Fix error if website not accessible in exception dialog
  • Crash when min and max of axes are too similar
  • Fix clipping of paths after transform in SVG files
  • Fix crash in picker
  • Fix crash if duplication of characters in CSV date format
  • Fix crash in tool tip in dataset browser
  • Fix GlobalColor error (on certain dark color sets)
  • Fix blocked data import if no descriptor
  • Fix crash if log contours and minimum is zero
  • Bug fix


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