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Veusz 1.16 released

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Sun Jul 8 11:36:23 2012.

Changes in 1.16:

  • Experimental MathML support
  • Add upper/lower-left/right arrows
  • Add options to clip text/lines/shapes to graphs
  • Add stacked-area option to bar plot widget
  • Draw stacked bar plots top-down for better overlapping line behaviour
  • Axis labels can be placed at left or right of axes, in addition to centre
  • Line widget now has length-angle or point-to-point modes. Better support for only specifying some coordinates.
  • Exception dialog records more detailed traceback
  • Use top level windows for non-modal dialogs, giving minimize in window and no always-on-top behaviour
  • Zero length vectors and arrows in vector fields are not plotted
  • Add support for strings to be translated
  • Add "Sort" dataset plugin
  • Add "Histogram 2D" dataset plugin
  • Add "Divide by Maximum" and "Normalize" dataset plugins
  • Support for args and *kwargs for custom functions
  • Custom colormaps can be defined in the custom editing dialog

Bug fixes:

  • Use correct definition of 1pt = 1/72in
  • Workaround for splash screen problem
  • Fix numerous problems reported by pyflakes
  • Histograms fail when saved
  • Fix plot with nan functions
  • Fix failure of self tests on ARM platforms
  • Force pages/documents to have physical sizes
  • Fix crash if deleting multiple datasets in data edit dialog
  • Check dimensions of datasets in SetData
  • Handle better zero bytes in data files
  • Fix error if page size zero
  • Fix error if vector baselength is zero
  • If dataset plugin parameter not given in saved file, use default
  • Fix crash for axes with same minimum and maximum
  • Fix CSV import problem when same dataset has multiple types
  • Thinning markers works when using marker sizes / colors


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