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Minfx version 1.0.4.

Item posted by Edward d Auvergne <bugman> on Sat Mar 9 09:17:51 2013.


This is a major feature release with Python 3 support and the addition of the logarithmic barrier augmented function constraint algorithm. All of the package, module, class, function, and method docstrings have been updated to Epydoc format to improve the documentation at A few bugs have also been eliminated, and the printouts have been regularised.


The new minfx version can be downloaded from

Full list of changes


  • An implementation of the logarithmic barrier augmented function constraint algorithm.
  • Regularised the printout of iteration information across the whole of minfx.


  • Prepared minfx for Python 3 using the 2to3 command.
  • Updated all of the docstrings to the epydoc format (
  • A few more epydoc fixes, mainly for lists in the docstrings.
  • Modified the test module so that it only executes when run directly from Python.
  • Python 3.0 preparatory fixes, replacing all `x` instances with repr(x).
  • Python 3 preparations - converted all raise and print statements to functions.
  • Python 3 preparations - all minfx modules are now using the relative module path import.
  • Python 3 preparations - the except statements have been modified to handle all Python 2.4+ versions.
  • Python 3 - more relative import changes.
  • Python 3 - converted all print statements to function calls in the method_of_multipliers module.
  • Python 3 - fix for a broken print() function call in the scipy anneal module.
  • Python 3 - Used absolute module paths for the imports in the grid module.
  • Python 3 - class inheritance problems. These changes fix the error "TypeError: Cannot create a consistent method resolution order (MRO) for bases..."
  • Python 3 preparations - mass replacement of all xrange() calls with range().
  • Python 3 import fix - the relative module path is needed.
  • Added module and package docstrings throughout the minfx sources. The URL has also been added to all copyright notices and module/package docstrings using Epydoc formatting.
  • Added a script for creating API documentation using Epydoc.


  • A grid search of 1 increment in one of the dimensions is now properly supported, this problem was reported by Tiago Pais as a relax ( bug at
  • Missing import of the sys module in the base class.
  • The function convergence test now no longer requires a gradient value.


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