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Veusz 1.18

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Sun Jul 7 17:16:08 2013.

Changes in 1.18:

  • Add support for dataset expressions when plotting
  • Add axis-function widget for plotting axes which have a scale given by a function, or are linked to a different axis via a function
  • Add stepped colour maps
  • Support editing multiple datasets simultaneously in editor
  • Add setting to fix aspect-ratio of graphs
  • Add 'vcentre' line step mode for vertical step plots
  • Add internal margin setting for grids to separate sub-plots
  • Add pixel, pixel_wcs, fraction and linear_wcs FITS import coordinate system modes
  • Add drop down toolbar button menu to create axis widgets
  • More efficient widget dependency resolution

Bug fixes:

  • Fix reversed 'broken'-axes
  • Do not always draw axes above other widgets (fixes problem with key below axis)
  • Fix use of transparency image when plotting non-square images
  • Allow lists passed as xrange and yrange to create 2D dataset
  • Fix FieldBool positioning for plugins
  • QDP import: fix "no" values when used mixed with numbers
  • Remove warning of log images with zeros
  • For embedded mode, always return string for _repr_
  • Workaround for windows appearing behind for Mac OS X
  • Improve property spacing on Mac OS X


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