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Veusz 1.19

Item posted by Jeremy Sanders <jeremysanders> on Sun Nov 17 18:16:33 2013.

Changes in 1.19:

  • Make code compatible with python3
  • Changes to filesystem layout of module
  • Separation of python module and resources in source package (packagers may need to consult INSTALL)
  • Move to v2 of PyQt API
  • Remove deprecated numpy API from helpers module
  • Allow fits dataset names to be blank if prefix/suffix are not
  • New ast-based code checker
  • Picker uses 1-based index for consistency
  • Allow non-text datasets to be used for labels
  • Add number->text conversion dataset plugin
  • Add binning dataset plugin
  • Add notes properties to document, pages and graphs
  • Allow more significant figures in float values
  • Intelligent choice of significant figures when interactively changing axis range
  • Decrease minimum range of axis
  • Add notes setting to document, pages and graphs

Bug fixes:

  • Fix crash if other linked axis not initialized
  • Fix crash if trying to edit non-editable datasets
  • Make ignore exception work in error reporting dialog
  • Renaming datasets, widgets and editing data now allow original text to be edited, rather than being cleared
  • Fix line positions on broken axes


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