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Xmldoom 007 release

Item posted by David Snopek <dsnopek> on Thu May 13 20:25:29 2004.

I am proud to announce the Xmldoom 0.0.7 release. It seems that yet again my promises have gone unfulfilled. The focus of this released changed about half way through, from being about perfecting the Compiled format to making the PyRE borrow the good things from the Torque API. In the process the PyRE and the Compiler were completely rewritten and an (unfortunately, inflexable) Compiled format was created.

The Definition format also took another drastic turn. Relationships are now derived implicitly from foriegn-keys in the tables. Add-methods have been eliminated in favor of a "create method" and get-methods have become "queries". New style "queries" may or may not have host objects, so the concept of a tableless (or "virtual") objects has also been eliminated. I say for the millionth time, that I hope this is starting to slow down.

While we still don't have object heirarchies or transactions, PyRE Objects can now be properties. This is an essential feature that Xmldoom was previously lacking because I couldn't decide how to implement it. Now that we have adopted the "create" instead of "add" paradigm, it was a pretty easy decision.

Things to expect in the future:

- Object heirarchies and transactions, of course
- More Torque compatibility, including a Parser.
- A better Compiled format and XML parser for it.
- Multi-key Objects.
- Cascading inserts.
- Runtime query creation.


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