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Release 1.0.3: bugfixes, cosmetics improvements.

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Mon Aug 23 13:57:58 2004.


I'm glad to announce 1.0.3 release.
Thanks a lot to everybody involved in this release. :)

The release tracking has been made with the item task #313 at Gna!
Feel free to send comments there.

Obtaining it:

- GPG-signed tarball is available at <>
- It is downloadable via CVS, with the tag REL_1-0-3

Installing it:

If you are running Savane < 1.0.3, you should run sql scripts included
in savane/update/1.0.3, as described in savane/update/README.
These scripts will handle the trivial changes on the database needed.
Also, take care to the section [SITE SPECIFIC CONTENT] of the
ChangeLog below, it will tells you which files should be added in your
site specific content directory.

Otherwise, just follow INSTALL, or INSTALL.verbose if it not enough.

Reporting bugs:

Same place as usual, go at <>

Changes from 1.0.2 to 1.0.3:


  • admin/user_email.txt no longer exists.
  • my/request_for_inclusion.txt has been added.
  • register/projectname.txt slightly modified about the lenght of

unix group name (details in the frontend section below).


* Cosmetics improvements (closes: task #404).
* Can handle mysql persistant link, if available.

  • Clarify message sent when an user request membership, remove

an extra slash from the link given (closes: bug #441).

  • Fix broken link on membership page (closes: bug #422).
  • Hide CVS link if unused (closes: bug #631).
  • Give appropriate information about lenght of unix group name

(closes: bug #376).

  • Add anchors/links in the trackers page, to ease browsing inside

the items (closes: task #304).
* Add a special submit, only for project members, allowing them to
update a report and get back to it directly. It can be useful to
do some tasks that cannot be done at once (closes: task #256).

  • Add a link to the top of each page (closes: task #554).
  • Item can now be private, which means they are shown only to

tracker technicians/admins and submitters. This require some
trivial modifications of the database that can be done by running
the command:
mysql databasename < update/1.0.3/private-items.sql
or by executing the SQL commands within the file
update/1.0.3/private-items.sql by any other mean
(closes: task #111).

  • Show priorities of dependencies (closes: task #553).
  • Return to the item page (instead of the items list) after removing

a cc/dependancy/attached file. It will ease heavy changes made on
one item (closes: bug #462).

  • Reporting trackers section now renamed statistics, heavily cleaned.
  • Fix error in attached file size mentioned in mail notifications

(closes: bug #468).

  • Fix a bug that made field usage "show on add" option the same

for non logged in users and logged in users (closes: bug #286).

  • Feature boxes dates are now i18n compliant (closes: bug #493).


* make CVSROOT/history group writable by default.

  • Users and groups are now created with id starting at 5000

(closes: bug #431).

  • Use single quotes by default in the configuration file, escape

single quotes. It allows admins to use non purely ascii characters
within their installation name, like @, without running into
troubles (closes: bug #283).


  • Rename some initvalues: Later is now Postpone, Works For Me is now

Unreproducible (wording more common) ; For patch we talk about
applying, for task and support about doing, instead of fixing
(closes: task #566).


Subrelease (posted by Mathieu Roy, Tue Aug 24 06:29:25 2004)

Savane is released.

It only fixes a bug that makes less convenient the interactive building of the conffile (bug #633), when running sv_update_conf.

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