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Announce: Default Posting Restriction Changed

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Wed 08 Sep 2004 02:31:22 PM UTC.

Savane now permits to configure posting restrictions. This setup can be done for any project by its administrators.

Unless a specific configuration is made, the default setup for the affiliated Group Type (Software, Organizational, Documentation) applies.

Previously, only the task trackers required a specific authentication level (group membership) to be able to post items. Now, by default at Gna!, Bug trackers, News trackers and Patch trackers requires to be logged-in at least (how inconvenient it is to get a bug report without being able to reply to the submitter!).

If you feel these requirements too strong for your project, you can configure, in "Set Permissions" section, the trackers to allow anonymous posts.

You may be interested in an alternative solution: you can tag the "originator email" field (in Trackers Administration/Manage Field Usage/Originator Email Field ) as mandatory (Allow empty value = no), while taking care the field is shown only to non-logged-in users.

If you find bugs in this new feature, please mention as Affected Release "DEV_2009-06-05_CERN" when submitting it at


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