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Gutting the database abstraction

Item posted by David Snopek <dsnopek> on Mon Sep 13 19:29:18 2004.

In my study of Propel and Creole, I really began to love Creole as a high level database abstraction and the dynamic nature of Propel. While I still really prefer Xmldoom definitions, the PyRE and queries, I have been finding some serious design flaws.

First of all, true runtime query generation is impossible. I never really thought I would want this initially so Xmldoom was created with a distinct "compile" stage. I would really like to have Propel style queries used to build Xmldoom style queries.

Second, the database "abstraction" in Xmldoom is skattered all over the place and showing many holes. To really move forward, we need a true database abstraction layer. So why not base it on Creole whose API is like that of JDBC?

So, I have begun working on Roma, the Creole port to Python. Once this is finished I will begin rewritting the Xmldoom internals to match the API, XML and functionality of Propel. And finally, I will port the current Xmldoom API, XML and functionality on top of this base.

I don't plan to release any versions that don't support Xmldoom-like functionality but we'll see. The next release should simply have the PyRE use Roma. Subsequent versions will move more components to Roma/Propel-like cores.

Current source will be in GNU Arch archive/branch:


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