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Announce: new features availables with Savane

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Fri Nov 19 15:06:08 2004.

As you maybe noticed, since two week, Gna! is running the development version of Savane, bringing you the latest features even before the nextcoming version of Savane (1.0.5) get released.

If you find a bug, please report it at mentionning Savane version as being "CERN branch".

Below is a non-exhaustive list of changes.


  • The old 'Status' field has been renamed 'Open/Closed', while 'Resolution' has been renamed 'Status'.
  • Project administrators are now warned in case they try to delete (hide) a field value which is used in existing items. In addition, the 'Field Values' page shows, for each value, the number of items (occurences) which use this value. If a value was deleted (hidden) and some items still use this value, the number of occurences is highlighted.
  • Access to private item is now managed on a member-basis. Project Admins are always allowed to read private items. They set the permissions of the project members via the 'Permissions per member' section of the Administration/Main/Set Permissions page. By default, access to private items is granted to project members.
  • Trackers 'Private items exclude list' allows the project administrators to set a list of addresses which should never receive private item email notifications. It should be specifically useful to avoid public mailing-list to relay private items content. How to: Enter the name of this mailing list in the 'Private items exclude list' section of the 'Manage Notifications' administration page

Field value transitions

  • Field value transition automatic actions are now effective from the item submission.
  • It is now possible to have several fields automatically updated on a field value transition. These fields and the value they should take have to be specified in the "other field update" form accessed via the 'Edit other fields update' link shown in every defined transition. The fields which can be automatically updated are limited to fields with defined values (which are proposed as select boxes).

Note that:
o if an automatic update of the field Open/Closed is set, technicians will be able to close items by changing the value of the field Open/Closed.
o the automatic update process will not override field values specifically filled in forms. It means that if someone was able (depending on his role in the project) to modify/set a specific field value, any automatic update supposed to apply to this field will be disregarded.

  • The field value 'Unknown' has been introduced. It is shown only at item submission and for non-mandatory fields. It is used to distinguish between the case the default value has to be used because the user didn't make his mind and the case the user explicitly selected the default value.

Notification emails

  • File attachment is now mentioned in the "Latest Changes" section of trackers mail notifications.
  • trackers mail notifications have been slightly rearranged to remove unecessary blank lines and to improve readability.

Protection against multiple posting of the same submission

  • Forms have now a unique id allowing to avoid duplicates post in a efficient way. It must be noted that form must be posted within two days after their creation (after the exact moment the page with the form was opened). This is applied to all forms presenting this potential risk and in particular this fixes the bug that was causing several requests for membership inclusion to be inserted in the database for the same user if this one was reloading the page with his browser.

Item History

  • field labels are now used instead of the database field name.
  • the item history size has been reduced.
  • the readability of the item history has been improved by explaining how changes happened, by keeping the same background color for all changes made by the same person at the same time.

Canned responses

  • Canned responses can be deleted.
  • Canned responses no longer override user submitted comment.
  • It is now possible to use multiple canned responses for one comment on all trackers.


  • A new section called 'This page' has been added in the left pane menu. It contains two items called 'Clean reload' and 'Printer version'.

o 'Clean reload' permits users to reload a page without risk of reposting data.
o 'Printer version' produce a version of the current page without the left pane and in a format better suited for printing.


  • It is now possible to search items/persons/groups by their ID number.


  • A bug which caused the display of a news item to be rendered strangely with some browsers has been fixed.


test-bug #2088 (posted by Robert Gloeckner, Wed Mar 16 10:01:56 2005)

Oh sorry, now again, monitored forum post

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