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Announce: DNSbl (RBLs) in use at

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Fri 26 Nov 2004 09:35:09 AM UTC.

In order to fight spam more accurately, since this month, relies on DNS blacklist to refuse to carry mails from obviously seriously misconfigured or dishonnest SMTPs. This is not completely new as spamassassin was, in past, using these blacklists to tag mails.

When a mail is found to be sent from a blacklisted host, it is rejected during the SMTP transaction. Unlike spam filtering via spamassassin (which is still effective at for accepted mails), the filtering is not done by tagging a previously accepted mail. It saves us CPU time, since we do not have to run anything to study the content of the mail sent. It let the faulty originator SMTP to deal with its own crap. use several different blacklists: it uses, and (excluding case).
The way we use these blacklists block only seriously broken SMTPs or dishonnests SMTP - we do not block personal SMTPs, SMTPs behind endusers IP blocks.

At the following addresses, you can read documentation about the way SMTPs are added to these lists:

If the SMTP you use is there, write to person in charge of the SMTP so it gets removed from the blacklists (rejection messages include relevant information about the blacklisting) or use another SMTP. Several SMTP of (a major French ISP), for instance, are blacklisted (at rfc-ignorant). It is a pity for users but it is not an option for us to accept mail from seriously broken SMTPs. Unless one can prove that the blacklist we use had no valid reason to blacklist an SMTP, the only solution is to get the SMTP fixed.
One should be able to expect his/her ISP to provide well configured SMTP servers.


Note (posted by Mathieu Roy, Sun 12 Dec 2004 12:43:09 PM UTC)

We now rely on instead of

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