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Announce: Gna's first anniversary

Item posted by Mathieu Roy <yeupou> on Wed Jan 26 14:41:38 2005.

One year ago, in January 2004, was founded. It was publicly announced February the 3rd. Since then, 327 project were registered and 1757 user accounts created. More than 3 thousand items were posted on the different trackers [1].

Step by step, we improved the services provided, by adding GNU arch support (SVN support is ongoing), by adding daily tarballs for CVS repositories, or by improving spam detection and filtering [2]. We are quite satisfied of the outcome of the Gna! project, the services we provide to you, and we hope this feeling is mutual.

We did our best to keep the services running and we think we did it ok, but not perfect. Here's the list of availability issues encountered this year: mailing-list deliveries blocked for 24h in February [3] due to a bug in mailman; cvs, download and homepage server down for 24h also in February [4] due to a bug in a debian kernel package, after security update; mailing-list deliveries blocked for 24h in March [5] due to another bug in mailman; around 6h downtime for all services in June, the servers being moved to another collocation [6]; mail notifications of cvs commits lost during a weekend also in June [7]; 24h downtime of all services in September due to another move the servers to another collocation [8]; 30 minutes of downtime of cvs, download and homepage in October, due to the installation of a supplementary disk to provide Arch support [9].

We'd like to say thank you to the people that helped us this year: providing us bandwidth and collocation, the FSF France providing us the main hardware, Timothee Besset for extra hardware donation, Jerôme Marant for providing help about GNU Arch support, for secondary DNS provision.



Congratiolation! (posted by Robert Gloeckner, Fri Feb 11 15:25:39 2005)

Hello Mathieu,
you are doing a brilliant job! Very fast and acurate.

I hope that we (the users) don't make you any trouble, so that will get really productive.
How is your feeling about the interacting of your members. Are we all islands, or are there growing networks?

After all, the only feature I am somhow missing is an activity profile for each project, but that is not vital, I know ;)

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