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New GCfilms version: 4.5

Item posted by Tian <tian> on Sun Mar 6 19:43:51 2005.

Version 4.5 of GCfilms has been delivered. Here is the changelog.

  • A search from Internet can be stopped. An option control that.

By default, this option is not activated.
(task #1339)

  • Partial italian translation.

(task #1343)

  • New plugin for Internet searches:

(task #1358)

  • User can choose what options are available for movie format.

(task #1342)

  • Movie picture size can be changed during HTML export.

(task #1353)

  • Export works using a plugin basis and can easily be extended.

(task #1329)

  • Fields in capital letters only are transformed with capital

letters on the words beginning during Internet import.
(task #1333)

  • Export modules that returns error during initialization

are not displayed in export menu.
(bug #2051)

  • Some HTML code was imported during Internet searches.

(bug #2039)

  • Picture now change in movies list when a new one is downloaded.

(bug #2026)

  • Problem with IMDb plugin fixed.

(bug #2059)

Installation instructions can be found on this page:


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